So you want to have an internship abroad?

One of the truths in life is that you would always want to write sitting in a café in Paris, or handling banking jobs in some 40-floor Tokyo bank. It’s the dream of every student – to be able to work for a short time abroad. There’s a certain thrill, and there is a certain […]

Considering an Internship Abroad

A lot of students only want to be in Paris but do not really know what they will do there. Others, on the other hand, are very clear on their purpose of landing an internship abroad. Some want to be in Asia to understand the financial market, while others want to be immersed in the […]

How to Choose a Job based on your Personality

There are different types of personality, and for each type, there are jobs that fit them well. See where you fit among these categories, and find out which jobs will fit you well. We’ve listed the jobs that are currently commanding high salary grades: Investigative. They are intellectual and analytical. They love the idea of […]

Obsolete Jobs

As you look for new opportunities, there are some who cannot find any job anymore. Here are some interesting trivia about jobs that used to be:             Lector. These are people who are hired to read materials aloud while a group of working people listen in. For instance, a factory of […]

Cold calling tips

They say that the art of cold calling is already lost. But actually, to say that it is dead may be a premature statement. Cold calling may very well work out for your job seeking venture. Here are some tips for you to have a successful cold calling:   Conduct a research. Before you even […]

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